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Portrait, defined:

a genre in painting, where the intent is to represent a specific human subject


Experience having your likeness replicated by Doug, a portrait artist of 25 years.

Come to the Painted Portrait Studio on your next trip to Bisbee, AZ.


Service Options

Portraits based on photography

Send a favorite picture

from your past or present,


arrange a photo shoot to create a painted portrait reference

Call or Email me for consultation

Portraits from life

Looking for an experience in Bisbee? Sign up for a long pose portrait.

Plan on multiple trips to the Painted Portrait Studio.  Requires scheduling 3-10, 3 hour sessions. 

Call or Email me for consultation
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Pastel Sketches

 Pet Portraits

Send me a photo or set up a time for me to photograph one for you.


Studio at the Pythian Castle

The Painted Portrait

Oil Painting prices start at $600, and a 50% deposit to begin any work based on a photograph, canvas sizes start at 9"x12" and  prices vary with size and detail of project to be discussed.

 $300 a day for long pose modeling, 3 sittings minimum for sizes under 16"x20" 3 hours per sitting between 12-5pm 

pastel portraits are $150 and take 2 to 4 hours 18"x24" on paper

In historic Bisbee, Arizona

(find us behind Old Bisbee Brewing Company, just up the hill)


Open 12pm - 5 pm, every day of the week 


29 Ok Street, #2

(928) 583 3145

Learn more about how Doug got his start in the Bio section. 


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Curious? Check out our FAQs

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