My Bio

Doug Weber's Start

As a child, art was my life. I drew obsessively every day and took painting lessons on Saturdays. My parents were supportive of my artistic endeavors, despite the difficult road ahead of me.  In an attempt to confirm my future, my Mom went to a psychic -- who told her a story of fame and fortune for her young son by the age of 30! This prediction helped inspire me to endlessly pursue the arts, especially when I became discouraged. My mother would always say,

“Ya know what the psychic said Douglas, you’re going to be rich and famous….” <3



My Education

I studied nothing but art as a young adult. First at the Savannah College of Art and Design, followed by The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (now the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts), as well as studying art abroad in Greece and Italy. 


After a few years, I left studying behind to dive into the art world and gain experience. I believed that honing my skills on a daily basis with rigorous practice and determination would suffice. I had my first big art show in New York City by my 30th birthday, an experience that taught me a tough lesson. It turned out to be a sales scheme to sell expensive promotional packages to artists. An accomplishment, it was, but it was time to move forward. 

During the last 20 years, I’ve traveled and experienced many artistic adventures, with the freedom to paint to my heart’s content. While I haven’t found fortune or fame, I have gained more than 25 irreplaceable years of experience. 

Nowadays, portraits are my greatest passion. They led me to enroll at The Ryder Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to complete traditional figure and portrait training. These same artistic passions have led me to Bisbee, Arizona, where I primarily paint portraits in my studio -- The Painted Portrait. 





Modern Day Adventures

Living and working in Bisbee, Arizona has been a long-term goal for me. I spend my days creating art that will provide my clients with memories for a lifetime. Digital downloads of many of my original works are available for digital download (find them here) -- which sold for $200-$700 in the past. My daily art and selling digital copies of my work shares my artwork with the world and supports my ability to create more art.


On any given day, you’ll find me in The Painted Portrait working on portraits, paintings, or exploring the artistic community that is Bisbee, Arizona. I am always excited to discover what the next day will bring and where my next artistic inspiration will come from.