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I love cinema and paint with a cinematic eye, taking old black and white photos often staged for press release and mashing them up to tell another story. This is one story that i am calling “trouble in tinsel town” about a star the likes the world has never known, this is the life and times of tranny baby. Born jonny ringo this bastard child of mia farrows was in the womb for most of the filming of rosemary’s baby and it was never clear which beatle was his her father. Adopted by lauren becall, little jonny grew up in the infamous dakota apartments. He was an instant success with an ad campaigns for pampers, band aid and jonson and johnson baby shampoo, born with the silver spoon that would make other people millions. When john lennon moved into the dakkotas he did his best to ignore little ringo convinced he was not the father until things escalated. There were rumors of real life santanic ritual abuse at the dakotas, turning ringo into a cia operative and the real killer in the case of lennon versus the united states. In the 1980’s the boy known as america’s little brother was about to embark in a career as a cross dressing actor in the era of tootsie and bosom buddies. Star of the “camp mockingbird” series jonny plays joan, a boy who wants to join an exclusive all girl summer camp. There was a european sleaze spin off called “some like it hotter” and the over the top ridiculous “petticoat punishment”. Type casted in the roll of drag sploitation, joan was reduced to bit parts in such features as “ a league of their own” and ”steel magnolia”. His comeback in the clint eastwood production was dashed when he fell off his horse and became addicted to pain killers and plastic surgery. The he was to become a full time she and formed the indie rock band the gender benders. This was soon followed by her late night talk show “name droppers” soon becoming the laughing stock of the tabloids now known as tranny baby. This obsession was to become all to real when joan joined the baby doll boot camp, a training center for gender reassignment for people to become the baby of their choice. Joan has taken a vow of silence in preparation for becoming baby and has not been heard from for 6 months.

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