Delusionalism: an art formed disorder

Nobody really suffers from delusional artistic pursuits; in fact it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I use it as a tool for magical thinking, a way of manifesting euphoria even under the most unrealistic odds. You do run the risk of rejection but I really enjoy spending a lot of time alone in an industrial space making things up that my eyes wants to see. Being a 2-dimentional artist means creating a world that is cropped by 4 corners and is forever flat, never moving, always the same. I like this about painting, unlike a movie, book or even a song, a painting is seen and received all at once continuously. A really good picture can be looked at every day without appearing repetitious and can even resonate on different levels. Pictorial language is much older than this written form of expression and I often wonder what it took for us to learn to see flat. I wonder if when we stared up at the stars set against the black of night and began connecting dots, drawing imaginary lines to create mythical characters, if this was the beginning of our ability to see flat. How is it that we recognize a smiley face from a circle with some dots and a wide shaped u or believe a small black and white photo looks like our grandmother? Hollywood employs the practice of suspended disbelief and for me this is the gateway to delusional thinking, In fact most of our stories and even news come from a flat world either televised or printed. Marshall McLuhan’s coined the phrase “the medium is the message” and if this is true and the message is flat and we believe it is real, does that mean we are all a little delusional?

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